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Tilmouth Well Roadhouse

The Tilmouth Well Story

Take time out at Tilmouth Well and see why it’s called an oasis at the edge of the Tanami Desert.

Just 2 hours NW of Alice Springs, on Napperby Station, Tilmouth Well lets you experience the outback without sacrificing home comforts.

Tilmouth Well is situated towards the southern end of Napperby Station, a 2200 square mile cattle station which was owned and operated by the Chisholm family from 1948 ~ 2017.

Roy and Janet Chisholm commenced building Tilmouth Well in 1991 as part of a 10 year plan to create an oasis along the Tanami for travellers and locals.

Development is continuing and each year we try to add new facilities in order to accommodate our visitors needs.

Tilmouth Well Roadhouse is operated by Tilmouth Well Nominees Pty Ltd as Trustee for Tilmouth Well Investment Trust (ABN 35 466 452 706).