Larapinta Trail

Traversing the Central Australian outback.

Larapinta Trail

The Larapinta Trail is a world renowned 223 kilometre long distance walking track spanning from Alice Springs to Mt Sonder at the far end of the West MacDonnell Ranges.

The challenging walk takes in the best of the West MacDonnell National Park and is broken into 12 sections taking between 1 and 2 days each. Choose to walk the entire trail or try individual sections.

Alice Springs Telegraph Station to Simpsons Gap

This 23.8 kilometre section is medium grade and designed to take 2 days. There are basic overnight camping facilities at Wallaby Gap and water is available, but as with all water tanks on the trail purification recommended.

Simpsons Gap to Jay Creek

Again designed to take 2 days section 2 is a medium grade walk and covers 24.5 kilometres. Basic camping is available at Mulga Camp, approximately half way along the trail.

Jay Creek to Standley Chasm

A one day walk, section 3 covers 13.6 kilometres of steep and rugged country. This section is only recommended for fit and experienced walkers. The camp site at Standley Chasm has water and a kiosk.

Standley Chasm to Birthday Waterhole

Covering 17.7 kilometres of rugged trail this section should take 2 days and is classified as very hard due to the frequent steep climbs and descents. Brinkley Bluff summit offers overnight camping with a spectacular view

Birthday Waterhole to Hugh Gorge

Similar to section 4, section 5 is a difficult 2 day walk covering 16 kilometres of steep trail. Basic overnight camping is available at Fringe Lily Creek and at Hugh Gorge.

Hugh Gorge to Ellery Creek

The longest section on the trail, section 6 covers 31.2 kilometres over 2 days on a medium grade track. Overnight camping is available at Ghost Gum Flat, Rocky Gully, between Rocky Gully and Saddle and at Ellery Creek.

Ellery Creek to Serpentine Gorge

This hard section covers 13.8 kilometres and can be completed in 1 day. Camping and water are available at Serpentine Gorge.

Serpentine Gorge to Serpentine Chalet Dam

Covering 13.8 kilometres this section is graded as hard due to some steep areas but should still be comfortably completed in 1 day. Camping at Serpentine chalet has water and bathrooms.

Serpentine Chalet Dam to Ormitson Gorge

Another long section covering 28.6 kilometres in 2 days section 9 is graded as hard due to steep areas. Basic overnight camping is available at Waterfall Gorge and with Ormiston Gorge offering full facilities.

Ormiston Gorge to Finke River

Covering 9.1 kilometres of medium grade trail Section 10 can be completed in 1 day and offers walkers the opportunity to stop at Glen Helen Lodge for the evening where full facilities and basic supplies are available. Basic camping is also available at Finke River.

Finke River to Redbank Gorge

A relatively easy section apart from one long steep climb, take 2 days to cover the 26 kilometre trail. Camp at Hilltop Lookout or Rocky Bar Gap and Redbank Gorge

Redbank Gorge to Mount Sonder and back

The final section is a hard 15.8 kilometre climb rewarded with spectacular views over the West MacDonnell Ranges. The return walk should take around 6 hours.


Completing the Larapinta Trail is a huge achievement, however planning is essential. Having the right gear and supplies will be essential to safely completing the walk. Glen Helen Homestead Lodge offers transfer and food drop supplies to assist walkers on the trail.
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